My wife and I have created this web site to promote our friends/ladies from the Philippines who are looking for a lifetime partner for love and happiness. And we encourage people to search the right person, worthy to spend your life with. “East meets West”.
A few ladies whose pictures appear on this web site are either known to us or applied online. So, there’s no assurance at all. That’s why, we recommended to take time to know her and check her background closely before getting into a relationship. Of course it will be a good idea to be prepared and get her a gift for you first date – especially if she is a mother – this is a good place to start looking for mother’s day presents. Good luck in your search for a lifetime partner. Hope we hear from you soon. Addresses are absolutely free.

Our story begun when we were pen pal. I created this page give a hints to those who still searching for soulmate. Someone can be trusted and worthy to spend thier life with, ’til the rest of thier lives. I know there are lots of singles, divorced guys and women still seeking the right and perfect match. Wish one of this days you will be meeting someone by joining us. This is free for all. Guys, you don’t need to sign up to access our ladies. Just email us and we will return to you soon as we can with your request. Your comments are important to us. We appreciate it…GOOD LUCK….

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