Hi, I’m Ken, to make my story short, here’s how it goes. My amazing story begun when I was desperate from my divorced. I thought the world was over. I was unable to think what I’m supposed to do. Instead, I spent my whole time at work every single day to eliminates heartaches and emptiness.
While I was on my trip to Florida; I stopped at one of the truck stop where I can buy newspapers to read. When I scanned through every pages I saw the ads section advertising “Asian Connection” pen pal column. So, I jot down the toll free number and called to find out about it. It sounds very interesting to me so I ordered package deals, which are all Filipina ladies listed in it. Addresses was not free, I bought the whole deal/their individual address. You know what, I picked up 30 ladies. I wrote them all; 17 are responded. I selected 5 ladies out of 17 to keep in touch. Although I got 5 ladies to write with but still very difficult for me to decide and choose which among them is the right one for me. A woman who I can share my emptiness forever and ever. I know (Pinay) ladies are the most popular for a good wife, simple, honor you, industrious, hospitable, treat you like a “King” and love you forever. A woman who doesn’t believe divorce. As there is no such divorce in the Philippines anyway. And they have unique and nature beauty.
One lady got my attention. She write differently from others that impressed me. So, I did quit all the rest and focus my attention with her. A lady who first says “I Love You” on her letter and over the phone. I’m thinking maybe it’s real. I challenged myself to take the opportunity to meet her in person. I decided to meet her in the Philippines not once but twice. On my first trip, everything was great except her parents are gold diggers. And in my second trip I surprised her. I did not write her nor call her that I’m coming. When I got on thier place, I saw her inside the tricycle. She saw me inside the taxicab but she ignored my beauty. I asked myself; where is she going that she’s dressed up to kill. After awhile, she showed up and apologized but still have questions on my mind. Whatever it was; that where started the nightmare. She’s pretty good girl only her parents bothered me.

Even though, I brought her in Manila tried to get her passport. Unknowingly, she will not be able to get one anymore. She has a look alike photo sent in Japan. Somehow, I spent my one-month vacation with her hoping we could get success and tried to work out our relationship. But it never did happen., it worsen everyday. Day-by-day, I observed there’s always have problems occured between her and me. I did not started the trouble, she created it by herself. She kicked the door and locked herself inside the bathroom. I had a hard time of understanding her immature behavior.
When the month is over; I finally flew back home with frustrations. Because I have a feelings when I saw her in person. I thought she was the right and perfect woman for me. Not so, all of those are vanished. I think to myself; she might not the right woman sent by God for me to share my entire life with.
One thing came accross on my mind writing back to Vergie ( who is my loving wife now ). I wrote her back with a few lines. I’m so lucky, she’s still free. I could not believe it. I thought she found one already. From then, she responded the same way. But I hold my breath yet, praying and hoping that she forgive me. We have so much in common. We had lots of fun changing letters everyday. Because back then, they don’t have internet cafe.
Months had passed, I decided to meet her in person (my 3rd trip). Then followed by so many trips quarterly. All in all, I made 7 trips just to be wtih her while waiting the approval from embassy. I was so happy with my decession for going back and forth that there are more reasons why I wanted to spend my life with her. I flew over there to attend her first interview but she’s failed. So, when I got home, I called the office of Senator Strom Thurmond in South Carolina if he could help me. They checked Vergie’s status in Manila. On her 2nd interview ain’t a problem anymore. I was with her also. But love conquers it’ll feelings. So after some days, I realized that it would be the only first and last chance for me for having her and making our love become REALITY.
On Sunday, we flew together back here in South Carolina. And settled down on October of 1999. Now, we have been married for almost 6 years. We have 1 kid of our own and she had 1 boy left in Philippines. We’re planning to bring him here in the US though sooner.
Sharing feelings with her was the beginning of a much- needed healing process for me. Her loving face and encouraging words helped me to get back on my feet and go on my life. Her unconditional LOVE and being herself strengthen me everyday. She treated me well like a “King”. And now, we’re very happy spending our life together with our fruit of LOVE. It’s really magic and wonderful between us. HOPE OUR STORY MAY GIVE INSPIRATION TO OTHERS….
So, all folks out there who still searcing or just started don’t give up. If I can do it; you can do it too. I will encourage all of you start digging the hidden treasure. Just simple; find a good Asian lady where you can spend your life with forever lasting relationship. I know, there’s hearsay that some Filipina are unsincere and unfaithful that’s why I want you to be careful. Please select the best as you can. The woman you can trust and willing to be a devoted wife. It’s a long process to get in touch but it’s worthy if you got the right one. And you will be the luckiest and happiest guy in the world, I’ll tell you that Filipina (Pinay) women are the best for me. GOOD LUCK IN SEARCHING FOR A LIFETIME PARTNER…

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